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The main objective of the PS Platform is to share the profit it generates equally, transparently and autonomously for the equal benefit of all our Stakeholders and our Community where we operate..

What is StakeShare?

The main objective of the PS Platform is to share the profit it generates equally, transparently and autonomously for the equal benefit of all our Stakeholders and our Community where we operate..

Icon Name Symbol Ticker Max Supply Chain
stakeshare icon STAKESHARE <s PSS <s333,333,333 Binance Smart Chain

Following the Conscious Capitalism business blueprint of total stakeholder integration, we classify our Stakeholders into 3 major groups: Our Customers, Co-Creators and Community Causes. To achieve a fair and autonomous process of profit distribution and decentralized protocol governance, we are introducing the StakeShare Token. The PRODUCTSHARE (PS) StakeShare (PSS) is the governance and value accrual token for the entire PS Ecosystem and its current and future suite of brands and products. The primary objective of the PSS token is to automate profit distribution to our stakeholders and pave the path to complete decentralization of the PS Platform and its two underlying Protocols: Product-sharing and Product-staking.

Private Pre-Sale Round 1

To show our appreciation for the support of our community, we are kicking off our presale with a huge bonus airdrop of 60%. The first half of the bonus is released a day before DEX listing.

airdrop 555 k

Total PSS available in the first round of the private sale

pss-icon $0.11

PSS Tokens in the early bird phase are priced at USDT $0.11, but counting the 60% airdrop, the price is effectively $0.068!

airdrop 60 %

The first half of the 60% bonus will be airdropped 24 hours before DEX listing and the remainder 30 days later.

StakeShare Token Economics

StakeShare ($PSS) token has fixed supply of 333.333M with 2/3rds (66.66%) of it dedicated for our Customers and Community Causes They Collectively Wish To Support.


Total supply of StakeShare Tokens.


Total tokens in airdrops to holders.


Tokens available at offering to public.


Tokens allocated to non-profit initiatives.


Total tokens locked in smart contracts.


Tokens reserved for community rewards.

StakeShare Token Distribution

The entire PSS supply will be divided equally between our Co-Creators, Customers and and Community Causes democratically selected by all token holders. The detailed distribution breakdown is depicted in in the following pie chart.

Initial Token Distribution

Private Sale Token Distribution

Private Sale Use of Funds

Private Sale and Airdrops Schedule

The Private Sale Officially Kicks Off On September 12 leading up to the Pancake Swap listing on Oct 12, 2022. All Tokens will be airdropped prior to the DEX listing.

The Co-Creators Collective

We are a diverse group of professionals united around the common goal to reinvent the world of E-commerce for it to continually bring more consciousness and abundance to the planet we share together.

Core Team Members and Advisors

Anton Polski
Tim Williams
Jose Herrera
Mike Jin
Senior Software Engineer
Brandon Burstein
Director of Marketing
Jarred Bronstein
Product Marketing Manager
Ali Ahmed
Head of Design
Ryan Fields
VP Fashion Marketing
Neil Sweeney
John Yurcisin
Brad Marks
Phoenix Ash3s
Marcia Reece
Latif Nanji
Bill Nolan
Dr Eric Eck
Tony Vongphachanh
Lam Wee Yong
Karsten Becker
Svetlana Antony
Gem Hunter
The General
Our Strategic Partners

We collaborate with category-defining companies.

Together we are co-creating a conscious e-commerce paradigm that will transform digital shopping into an impact economy that benefits everyone.

Mercury Banking
Depay Finance
TAF Token

ProductShare Ecosystem FAQs

We maintain a current database of answers to the most frequently asked questions categorized based on individual aspects of the Productshare Ecosystem. If a question you have is not answered below, please send us a message and we will make sure to get the answer published as soon as possible.

Recent Blogs Posts

We plan to start publishing blog posts on various subjects related to our products and services across all of the PS Ecosystem web properties as well as common blogging platforms like Medium and Tumbler. Below you will find the most recent syndicated posts from our most popular post categories.

Co-Create With ProductShare

We welcome new ideas from members of our community and are always on the lookout for synergistic collaboration opportunities. So don't be shy, send us a note and let's co-create a better world together!